MBA Colleges in Malaysia

In our previous post we discussed about the advantages of study abroad. Here we are going to discuss about the best universities in Malaysia to study MBA.

  1. INTI International University:

It is a private university which is located in Kuala Lumpur. Until 2010 it was called as INTI University College. After May 31st 2010 it attained its university status by the higher education ministry. It has 6 campuses in Malaysia and it is the pioneer in the Malaysian private h

igher education.

        2.   City University College of science and Technology:

                                It offers Human resource training and development. It also offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It has 7 faculties as follows:

  • Faculty of Art & design
  • Faculty of business
  • Faculty of Architecture, Engineering & Built Environment
  • Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies
  • Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism

      3. SEGI College Penang  :

It offers degree, diploma, professional and postgraduate courses in hotel management and tourism, accounting, informational technology, human resource, business, marketing, mass communication, nursing, early childhood education and computing.


Study Abroad Benefits

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Study abroad has many benefits and the important factor is the country and profession chosen by the student.  It is also very important for the personal development of a student. Most of the people will decide their career or professional education in abroad only by the academic point of view. Apart from this there are lot and lot of advantages in study abroad. Let us discuss about them in this post.

  1. The interesting thing behind studying abroad is the travel. You can visit the tourist destinations and attractions in the country you are studying during your holidays.
  2. Then you can learn new languages that might be useful for your future. Sometimes it will help the candidates who are looking for job.
  3. Next benefit is friends’ community. You can make lot of friends from different countries. You may have long lasting friendship with foreign student even after your studies.
  4. You will know about the tradition and culture of the new country. This will improve your general knowledge and personal development. In future if you have to meet anyone from different culture, it will surely helps.
  5. Studying abroad will also helps you to discover your unknown talents and helps to improve new skills and abilities. Universities and colleges also motivate the students to identify their dexterity.