University of York , UK

University of York which is located in York, England was established in 1963. It is often called as York University. It comprises of 8 colleges named: Goodricke, Langwith, Alucin, Wentworth, Halifax, Derwent, James, and Vanbrugh. At the beginning of 1963 it had only 3 buildings with 200 numbers of students. Now, it is the leading university in UK with several thousands of students and more than 30 research and academic institutions.

The courses mainly offered are divided into various departments such as, Department of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Archeology, Computer Science and Engineering, Education Studies, Economics and Related Studies, Electronics, Biochemistry, Health Sciences, English and Literature, Mathematics, History of Arts, Law, Environment, Psychology, Politics, History, Language and Linguistic Science, Philosophy, Theater film and Television, Social Policy and social work, Sociology and University’s Hull York medical school and management. By registering in the graduate and research programs conducted by the university, a student can continue his studies in the same university.


Myths behind MBA degree

Completing MBA degree is not an easy job, it requires lot of effort and hard work. Here I’ve shared some interesting myths behind study MBA in UK and other countries.

Myth 1: Any MBA institutes are good to study

The university or college you choose to study MBA is really very important because it includes your future career and further development. If you choose to study in lower ranking institutions then it is totally vain. So it is necessary to study MBA programs in reputable and highly ranked business schools. And also make sure that the business schools are certified AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS.

Myth 2: MBA is easy to study and anyone can attain MBA degree

Anybody can attain MBA degree in any of the poor quality MBA programs or institutions. But achieving MBA degree in well reputed business school is really tough. It can be achieved only by the dedication, focus and hard work.

Myth 3: MBA degree assure great career

Completing MBA degree in top universities in Malaysia or UK or US guarantees great career progression is totally wrong. Even though attained MBA degree in top class well reputed university, it is important to improve your skills and technology for better career.

Myth 4: Ranking is not important in MBA

Attaining good ranking in MBA degree is very important as it brings you more benefit in your career and further development. Student who achieved top ranking may have chances to list in ‘Business Week’, The Economist’ or ‘Financial Times’. Usually they will receive high salary and will receive more and more job openings.

Apart from these there are more and more myths are behind MBA degrees. At the same time studying in abroad will add more value to your degree. If you study in USA, Australia, Malaysia and UK then it will be more advantageous.

Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology UK


Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology is located in Gloucestershire in UK. It specially offers part-time English course for international students in morning and evening. It also offers various internship and education programmes such as work-based learning, short courses for business, GCSE’s vocational qualifications, higher education, basic skill courses and A Levels. In the past years, they focused on the following courses: Software computing development, gaming programmes computing, ICT computing, therapeutic counselling and health care practise.

GCSE was founded in the year of 1980. Later 2008, it achieved overall grade as good for its academic performance. And also it improved its performance in the inspection of Ofsted. Initially it was merged with four colleges from four countries as Gloucestershire college of Arts and Designs, North Gloucestershire college of technology, Gloucestershire College of Education, Gloucester City College of Technology. Among all the colleges in UK , GCSE features excellent childcare facilities. It also features on-site fitness centers and five football courts to the students for entertainment.

Craven College UK

craven college uk

Craven College in UK was established in 1894. It was started as a school to provide erudition opportunities for adults. It is the first Arts school in Skipton. In the beginning they offered subjects like grammar, arithmetic, Latin and writing. Now it reached its 8th rank in the top best EF colleges in UK. It is the original mechanics institute and offers bachelor’s degree as well as higher education courses.

They mainly focus the following courses: equine science and husbandry, garden design, animal welfare and management, jewellery and fashion, photography, media, theatrical and media make up, business, hospitality management, aviation management and operations, computing and networks etc.

This college also offers courses for school-leavers. It encourages training and learning opportunities for students about business. It was rewarded as a good college with outstanding feature by the Ofsted Inspection Report. It was also rewarded by the skill funding agency in the year 2008-2009. During this year it was ranked in the top 10 colleges in UK.

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