Study Abroad Tips and Suggestions


Study abroad is not only involves education but also for fun and entertainment. Sometimes it can be hazardous too if you are not careful.  To be safe, secure, enjoy as well as study in abroad here I’ve shared some tips and suggestions.

1. Try to collect all the information about the country you are studying. Collect details about the states, cities in the country by using magazines like lonely planet. Find out the hospitals, pharmacies near to your location which will help you in case of emergency.

2. Make sure about the place you are currently staying is safe or unsafe. And also be eminent with your location, city, University or College. Don’t hesitate to ask any doubt about reaching any place. You can contact safeguard or classmates for any help.

3. Avoid night travelling especially when you are alone. If you have any situations to travel at night try to go with your friends.

4. Abroad countries normally have different culture and tradition as well as foods. So find out the tourist destinations of the host country and enjoy your holidays by visiting the tourist places with your friends.

5.If you study in USA means try to act like an American. This will increase your self-confidence and can change your living style.


Best Location to stay in Australia for an overseas student – part 2


Here is the continuation to our previous post “Best Location to stay in Australia for an overseas student”.


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia. It has total population of 2 million and it is the third populous city. In World War II this city played a vital role and the 1982 Commonwealth games, 1988 World Expo, 2001 goodwill games were hosted in Brisbane. The tourist attractions in Brisbane are:

The CBD- consists of shopping malls, cinema theatres and parks.

South Bank – Consists of arts centre, cafes, restaurants, inner-city beach and riverside boardwalks.

Fortitude Valley– consists of Vivacious nightlife, bars, DJs, World Class clubs.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It has the population of 1.23 million and the fifth largest city in Australia. It was founded in 1836 by Colonel William Light. It is located near to the River Torrens which is resided by the Kaurna people. In 2010 it was rewarded as the most liveable city in the world by The Economist. It is well known for its food, culture, festivals, long beachfronts, wine and sporting events.

The list is really endless and these are the best among the entire Australia. Every student will surely have an amazing and fresh experience in Australia. Moreover the universities in Australia also have outstanding campuses and lot of entertainment features to the students.


Best Location to stay in Australia for an overseas student


Australia is the 8th prevalent and awesome tourism destination in the world. It is also one of the best countries to do higher studies. The reason why students from other countries prefer to study in Australia is its affordability. Because the tuition fee as well as the cost of living is absolutely lesser than UK and USA. Another reason to study in Australia is its beautiful and safe environment. Here we will discuss about the best location to stay in Australia for the students during their study abroad program.


Sydney is always the first and best city to stay in. It is the largest cosmopolitan city in Australia. It is the state capital of New South Wales. It was founded in 1788 by Arthur Philip at Sydney cave. It has the first British colony in the city. It is built around Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. These are the top tourist attractions in the city. Opera House is an art centre and Harbour Bridge is the arch bridge athwart Sydney Harbour. The Harbour Bridge is nicknamed as “The Coathanger”.


Melbourne is the capital of the Victoria State and it is the second largest city as well as the crowded city in Australia. The population of this city is 4.25 million and it is the fifth fastest growing city. It was established in 1837 by settlers in Van Diemen’s Land. It is also called as “Cultural Capital of Australia” and “Garden City”. It is well known for its changeable climate. Hence Melbourne is located in between the boundaries of cold southern ocean and hot inland areas.

We will discuss about the remaining liveable cities in Australia for a Study abroad student in our next post.

MBA Colleges in Malaysia

In our previous post we discussed about the advantages of study abroad. Here we are going to discuss about the best universities in Malaysia to study MBA.

  1. INTI International University:

It is a private university which is located in Kuala Lumpur. Until 2010 it was called as INTI University College. After May 31st 2010 it attained its university status by the higher education ministry. It has 6 campuses in Malaysia and it is the pioneer in the Malaysian private h

igher education.

        2.   City University College of science and Technology:

                                It offers Human resource training and development. It also offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It has 7 faculties as follows:

  • Faculty of Art & design
  • Faculty of business
  • Faculty of Architecture, Engineering & Built Environment
  • Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies
  • Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism

      3. SEGI College Penang  :

It offers degree, diploma, professional and postgraduate courses in hotel management and tourism, accounting, informational technology, human resource, business, marketing, mass communication, nursing, early childhood education and computing.

Study Abroad Benefits

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Study abroad has many benefits and the important factor is the country and profession chosen by the student.  It is also very important for the personal development of a student. Most of the people will decide their career or professional education in abroad only by the academic point of view. Apart from this there are lot and lot of advantages in study abroad. Let us discuss about them in this post.

  1. The interesting thing behind studying abroad is the travel. You can visit the tourist destinations and attractions in the country you are studying during your holidays.
  2. Then you can learn new languages that might be useful for your future. Sometimes it will help the candidates who are looking for job.
  3. Next benefit is friends’ community. You can make lot of friends from different countries. You may have long lasting friendship with foreign student even after your studies.
  4. You will know about the tradition and culture of the new country. This will improve your general knowledge and personal development. In future if you have to meet anyone from different culture, it will surely helps.
  5. Studying abroad will also helps you to discover your unknown talents and helps to improve new skills and abilities. Universities and colleges also motivate the students to identify their dexterity.

Study Abroad Tips- Part 2

study abroad

Here is the continuation to our previous post Study Abroad Tips- Part 1

Find out the Scholarship:

There are lot of scholarship options are available for the students. After selecting the university and the course, you will get the approximate money needed to study. Sometimes it may costs beyond your expectations. Many universities offer Study Abroad scholarships for the students and some won’t. If your home university doesn’t provide the scholarship means you can approach study abroad programs, bank loan or loan providers.

Find out the credits:

The credit system will vary from university to university. So you must be sure about the credit system on your university. The most prefer time to transfer the credit is before your enrollment in study abroad program.

Find out Your Accommodation:

Finally find out the best place to stay. Mostly there are two choices: 1. On-Campus, 2. Off- Campus. In case of off-campus, students are asked to stay in apartments with a group of students. Or else they are asked to stay in a home with hosted family.

Study Abroad Tips – Part 1


Find out your anticipation:

First step you need to take before choosing any country, College, University and Degree is determining your expectations about studying in abroad. Try to understand what study abroad is. Try to answer these questions:

  1. Reason to choose study in abroad?
  2. What are the Pros and Cons about study abroad?
  3. Which degree you want to study (major, minor)?
  4. What is your Area of interest (course)?
  5. What are the requirements needed by your home university?
  6. What is your expectation about the foreign country, their culture, politics, environment, safety, People behaviors etc?
  7. Where do you want to live? Whether inside the campus or outside the campus? With your family or alone?
  8. What is the cost of living in the country and also the cost of studying?

Find out the correct university:

The main aspect about studying abroad is finding out the right place i.e. university to study. Most of the students who want to study abroad mainly focus on the environment of the University and the entertainment features. Don’t choose the university only based on the environment, weather, and beautiful beaches near the university. Look at the universities which have good reputation on the degree and course you want to study. Find out the University Rankings and also make sure about the university’s international standard.

We will discuss about the remaining myths about study abroad in our next post..

Guide to find study abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Program is the great way to gain knowledge about different civilization and understanding of different issues over the world. But many of the students won’t have the enough money to join in the study abroad programs. To resolve this problem study abroad scholarships were provided by the various universities and organizations. Here are the details about what is and how to apply for scholarships.



The reason to go for the scholarships:

The main reason to go for a scholarship is the financial dependence of students. Most of the students are not secured financially. They depend on their parents.  And Of Course, study abroad programs are quite expensive. So that only scholarship plays a key role in abroad studies.

Where to find:

First of all, finding scholarship is an easy thing. You can find it over the financial service offices. The study abroad program itself gives you various sources for scholarship. They will have the great directories about the organizations and universities which offers scholarships to the students.

How to apply for a scholarship:

The application and the process of each scholarship are varying from another. Your scholarship will be considered only after the test that is undertaken by the organization. Usually they conduct essay writing ,transcript submission and interview,

The scholarship process will be done in this way: First of all you have to submit your academic project which is the reference and also a great way to show the administrator about your knowledge and the interest. After that you have to write an essay. The topic would be related to “Why should you get this scholarship”. This will helps the administrator to know about your scholarship amount and how good are you. Finally few applicants will be called for an interview and given the scholarship.

Myths on Study Abroad Programs?

There are some myths on peoples mind while deciding on their especially choosing international education. Let’s look at some of it below.

Is Studying Abroad unsafe!
Abroad travelers are advised to be cautious whatever the cause may be, but some of them are meaningless. There is safety measures have been informed by the Distance Learning departments also regarding health as well. Strict guidelines and safety course of action have been taught before the departures only thing we need to do is to follow the guidelines and living safely.

Student Studying

Is only juniors are beneficial!
Not at all this is not like building your career with any Multinational companies to have difference on juniors and seniors. Universities and educational institutes are having equal dealings for fresher as well as graduates. And there are lot of interim summer and winter programs are scheduled so there won’t be a problem.

So there is no assumptions on study abroad programs be confident with facts and don’t be panic on choosing international education.