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Study Abroad Tips- Part 2

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Here is the continuation to our previous post Study Abroad Tips- Part 1

Find out the Scholarship:

There are lot of scholarship options are available for the students. After selecting the university and the course, you will get the approximate money needed to study. Sometimes it may costs beyond your expectations. Many universities offer Study Abroad scholarships for the students and some won’t. If your home university doesn’t provide the scholarship means you can approach study abroad programs, bank loan or loan providers.

Find out the credits:

The credit system will vary from university to university. So you must be sure about the credit system on your university. The most prefer time to transfer the credit is before your enrollment in study abroad program.

Find out Your Accommodation:

Finally find out the best place to stay. Mostly there are two choices: 1. On-Campus, 2. Off- Campus. In case of off-campus, students are asked to stay in apartments with a group of students. Or else they are asked to stay in a home with hosted family.

Study Abroad Tips – Part 1


Find out your anticipation:

First step you need to take before choosing any country, College, University and Degree is determining your expectations about studying in abroad. Try to understand what study abroad is. Try to answer these questions:

  1. Reason to choose study in abroad?
  2. What are the Pros and Cons about study abroad?
  3. Which degree you want to study (major, minor)?
  4. What is your Area of interest (course)?
  5. What are the requirements needed by your home university?
  6. What is your expectation about the foreign country, their culture, politics, environment, safety, People behaviors etc?
  7. Where do you want to live? Whether inside the campus or outside the campus? With your family or alone?
  8. What is the cost of living in the country and also the cost of studying?

Find out the correct university:

The main aspect about studying abroad is finding out the right place i.e. university to study. Most of the students who want to study abroad mainly focus on the environment of the University and the entertainment features. Don’t choose the university only based on the environment, weather, and beautiful beaches near the university. Look at the universities which have good reputation on the degree and course you want to study. Find out the University Rankings and also make sure about the university’s international standard.

We will discuss about the remaining myths about study abroad in our next post..

Homles Institute Australia

holmes institute

Holmes Institute is one of the best institutes to study MBA in Australia. It was originally established in 1963 and has campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The study programs offered by them are Accounting, Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing and international trade. In 2003 it introduced the Holmes Bachelor degree of Business. And this degree was authorized by Victorian Department of Education in 2004 and recently authorized by New South Wales Department of Education and Training and by the Queensland Department of Education.

Holmes Institute Australia has good reputation over Business education. It introduced some modern training programs in Marketing, Management and international business. The other degree courses offered by them are Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA) in Melbourne, Diploma of Information Technology, and English for Academics, English for Business, English plus Programs, English plus Sport, and MBA Graduate Diploma in Business.

Best Universities in Australia

Australia is one of the best places to receive best education. It holds supreme faculties with high quality teaching skills and knowledge. Most of the overseas students prefer to study in Australia Universities. It offers accommodation as well as Scholarship also. Among the myriad number of Universities in Australia we will discuss about the two best Universities as follows.

university of canberra

University of Ballarat:

It is the third oldest university in Australia. It have six campuses and offers secondary schooling also. Among the 6 campuses, 3 of them are in Ballarat and other 3 campuses are located in various part of Australia. Ballarat campus includes Mt Helen, SMB and Camp street campus. Other campuses are Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. It includes total of 25,000 students and it also offers higher education, research opportunities and of ballarat

University of Canberra:

It is the leading research university in Australia. It populates more than 12,000 domestic and international students. 1600 of them are accommodated on the campus itself. The campus have pleasant environment as it is surrounded by taller trees with fresh and cool air, native wildlife such as parrots, cockatoos, honey-eaters and resident kangaroos. This university motivates social and cultural activities among students. It regularly conducts cultural events and organizes several social events. It organizes social clubs, professional clubs and societies and also sports teams. UC offers volleyball, football, basketball, tennis courts and also soccer and rugby ovals.

Private Sector Universities in USA-Part 2

Here is the continuation to our previous post Private sector universities in USA.

 1.       Williams College: It was established in 1793 at Williamstown as a private liberal college. With total of 2,000 students it offers 510 bachelors degree and 35 master’s degrees. It has individual academic divisions for Science and mathematics, Social studies, languages and the arts.
2.       Rice University: The original name of the university is William Marsh Rice University and founded in 1912. It comprises of eight schools, where two of them are graduate schools and eight of them are undergraduate schools.
3.       Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It is organized into 5 schools and 1 college. It populates total of 6,510 graduate students and 4,384 undergraduate students and offers 32 academic departments.
4.       Amherst College: It was founded in 1821 and has the students from 40 countries. It holds the membership in five colleges: Mount Holyoke, smith and Hampshire colleges and also Massachusetts University. So students can take courses from these colleges also.
5.       Wellesley College: It is a private women’s college in US. It offers broadest curriculum to the students and emphasize approach to leadership.

There is no spring in the number of colleges and universities to Study in USA. Students may choose their college in their own and some colleges have agreements with students that they are not to a specific partition, they are acknowledged to the entire college.

Private Sector Universities in USA

In our last post we discussed about the public sector universities and colleges in USA. Now we will discuss about the top 10 best private sector institutions in USA.

1.       Swarthmore College: It was founded in 1864 at Pennsylvania. The college offers over 600 common courses and 40 additional courses. Totally 1,545 students are studying in the college.
2.       Harvard University: It was established in 1636 and it is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the oldest and largest private research university in United States.
3.       Wesleyan College: It was established in 1836 and situated in Macon, Georgia. It is the first college in the world which offers degree courses only to women and it is a liberal arts college. It offers 32 undergraduate degrees in major and 27 minor academic programs.
4.       Princeton University:  It was founded in 1746 at Elizabeth in New Jersey with the name of College of New Jersey. Later 1747 it was moved to Newark. In 1756 it was moved to Princeton and renamed as Princeton University in 1896. It is the 13th best university in the world and 9th best university in United States.
5.       Yale University:  It is a larger university than Princeton and younger than Harvard. Students like this university mainly because of its beautiful campus. It encourages and conducts many cultural and social activities for the students.

We will discuss about the remaining private universities in USA in our next blog post.


Public Sector Universities and Colleges in USA – Part 2

Here is the Continuation to our previous post Public Sector Universities and Colleges in USA.

1.     State University of New York: It is the best Undergraduate Institution according to the U.N. News and World Report. It was founded in 1871 at Geneseo, Livingston Country, and New York. It is the best north region University in USA, 2013.
2.     University of Georgia: It was founded in 1785 at the state of Georgia. It comprises eighteen colleges and schools. It offers more than 140 degree programs. It focuses mainly on the following subjects: Engineering, business, arts and science, mass communication, ecology, agriculture, journalism, environmental sciences, education, pharmacy, family and consumer sciences, veterinary medicine, health, social work and so on.
3.     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: It offers 215 degree programs and populates 30,000 students. It is the leading research university and conducts lot of internship programs. Also it provides great career platform to the students.
4.     Texas A&M University: It was established in 1889 at rural North Texas city. It is the second largest university and has 4,519 graduate and 6,898 undergraduate students.
5.     University of Oklahoma: It is founded in 1890 at Norman, USA. It offers 160 master’s programs, 152 baccalaureate programs, 75 doctorate programs and 20 majors at the professional level.

Hope this ranking will help the students who are searching for the universities and colleges in USA. We will discuss about the Private sector institutions in our next posts.

Public Sector Colleges and Universities in USA

Study in USA is a beautiful and far-fetched experience for both local and international students. Here you will get great revelation to learn and live also. In USA, lot of Universities and Colleges are available for students in both private and public sector. Now let us discuss about the top 10 best Public sector Institutions in USA.

1.     University Of Virginia: This University has huge records in sports activities. It won 4 medals in 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing including 2 gold medals. In 2012 it was ranked as the 2nd best university by U.S. News & World Report ranks.

2.     CUNY- Hunter College: It was founded in 1870, and Hunter College is the largest college in the City University New York system. It offers more than 170 courses and populates 22,000 students.

3.     New College of Florida: It was established in 1960 and it is a coeducational public arts college in USA. It is situated in Sarasota in Florida. Population of this college is 845.

4.     Florida State University:  It was established in 1851 and located in Tallahassee, Florida. The following courses have well reputation in this college for the past 5 years: Chemistry, Statistics, Political Science, Psychology, Physics, Criminology, Information, Meteorology, Creative Writing, Sociology, Public Policy, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Business and Law.

5.     University of Colorado: It is located in Boulder with 29,952 enrolled students. It offers 150 academic programs and it consists of nine colleges and one school.

We will discuss about the remaining institutions in our next post. To know about Universities and colleges in USA visit

Baxter Institute Australia

Baxter Institute Australia was founded in 1971 which is situated in Melbourne. Initially it was started as a professional beauty salon and named as Sheilla Baxter Training Centre. Now it is tremendously improved to a well reputed and respected also government endorsed institution. They are experts in hair and beauty professional training. It is also CRICOS registered institute so there are huge number of international students are studying. Most of the overseas students are from India, Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, China, England and Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius and Vietnam.

The courses and degrees offered by Baxter are: Automotive, Hair, fabrication, beauty, Bakery, Business and English Language Learning courses with diploma and certificate degrees. All are government accredited. It also offers some short time courses in hair & beauty industry. The training method is satisfied for the students and offers dynamic teaching and learning process. It also offers some special courses for the students who discontinued their studies.  If you want to study in Australia about Professional beauty and Hair style courses then Baxter institute is the best choice.