Monash University Australia

Monash University in Australia was established in 1958 and located in Melbourne. It is the first largest public University in Australia with population of 56,000 students and 15,000 staffs. It is also the oldest institute in the State of Victoria which is successfully running over 100 years.

It has totally 8 campuses all over the Australia and the largest one is situated in Clayton. This campus occupies 100 hectares of land and was established as a first campus in 1961. In the beginning it was used for diverse purposes such as Talbot Epileptic Colony.

The second campus is Caulfield which is originally started as Caulfield Technical School in 1922. It offers diploma and degree courses in blacksmith, computing, carpentry, engineering, business, wheel wright, psychology, applied science and math.

The other campuses of Monash University Australia include Frankston teachers college, Frankston campus of Chisholm institute, the Gippsland campus and Victorian College of pharmacy.


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