Best Universities in Australia

Australia is one of the best places to receive best education. It holds supreme faculties with high quality teaching skills and knowledge. Most of the overseas students prefer to study in Australia Universities. It offers accommodation as well as Scholarship also. Among the myriad number of Universities in Australia we will discuss about the two best Universities as follows.

university of canberra

University of Ballarat:

It is the third oldest university in Australia. It have six campuses and offers secondary schooling also. Among the 6 campuses, 3 of them are in Ballarat and other 3 campuses are located in various part of Australia. Ballarat campus includes Mt Helen, SMB and Camp street campus. Other campuses are Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. It includes total of 25,000 students and it also offers higher education, research opportunities and of ballarat

University of Canberra:

It is the leading research university in Australia. It populates more than 12,000 domestic and international students. 1600 of them are accommodated on the campus itself. The campus have pleasant environment as it is surrounded by taller trees with fresh and cool air, native wildlife such as parrots, cockatoos, honey-eaters and resident kangaroos. This university motivates social and cultural activities among students. It regularly conducts cultural events and organizes several social events. It organizes social clubs, professional clubs and societies and also sports teams. UC offers volleyball, football, basketball, tennis courts and also soccer and rugby ovals.


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