Private Sector Universities in USA

In our last post we discussed about the public sector universities and colleges in USA. Now we will discuss about the top 10 best private sector institutions in USA.

1.       Swarthmore College: It was founded in 1864 at Pennsylvania. The college offers over 600 common courses and 40 additional courses. Totally 1,545 students are studying in the college.
2.       Harvard University: It was established in 1636 and it is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the oldest and largest private research university in United States.
3.       Wesleyan College: It was established in 1836 and situated in Macon, Georgia. It is the first college in the world which offers degree courses only to women and it is a liberal arts college. It offers 32 undergraduate degrees in major and 27 minor academic programs.
4.       Princeton University:  It was founded in 1746 at Elizabeth in New Jersey with the name of College of New Jersey. Later 1747 it was moved to Newark. In 1756 it was moved to Princeton and renamed as Princeton University in 1896. It is the 13th best university in the world and 9th best university in United States.
5.       Yale University:  It is a larger university than Princeton and younger than Harvard. Students like this university mainly because of its beautiful campus. It encourages and conducts many cultural and social activities for the students.

We will discuss about the remaining private universities in USA in our next blog post.



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