Private Sector Universities in USA-Part 2

Here is the continuation to our previous post Private sector universities in USA.

 1.       Williams College: It was established in 1793 at Williamstown as a private liberal college. With total of 2,000 students it offers 510 bachelors degree and 35 master’s degrees. It has individual academic divisions for Science and mathematics, Social studies, languages and the arts.
2.       Rice University: The original name of the university is William Marsh Rice University and founded in 1912. It comprises of eight schools, where two of them are graduate schools and eight of them are undergraduate schools.
3.       Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It is organized into 5 schools and 1 college. It populates total of 6,510 graduate students and 4,384 undergraduate students and offers 32 academic departments.
4.       Amherst College: It was founded in 1821 and has the students from 40 countries. It holds the membership in five colleges: Mount Holyoke, smith and Hampshire colleges and also Massachusetts University. So students can take courses from these colleges also.
5.       Wellesley College: It is a private women’s college in US. It offers broadest curriculum to the students and emphasize approach to leadership.

There is no spring in the number of colleges and universities to Study in USA. Students may choose their college in their own and some colleges have agreements with students that they are not to a specific partition, they are acknowledged to the entire college.


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