Public Sector Universities and Colleges in USA – Part 2

Here is the Continuation to our previous post Public Sector Universities and Colleges in USA.

1.     State University of New York: It is the best Undergraduate Institution according to the U.N. News and World Report. It was founded in 1871 at Geneseo, Livingston Country, and New York. It is the best north region University in USA, 2013.
2.     University of Georgia: It was founded in 1785 at the state of Georgia. It comprises eighteen colleges and schools. It offers more than 140 degree programs. It focuses mainly on the following subjects: Engineering, business, arts and science, mass communication, ecology, agriculture, journalism, environmental sciences, education, pharmacy, family and consumer sciences, veterinary medicine, health, social work and so on.
3.     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: It offers 215 degree programs and populates 30,000 students. It is the leading research university and conducts lot of internship programs. Also it provides great career platform to the students.
4.     Texas A&M University: It was established in 1889 at rural North Texas city. It is the second largest university and has 4,519 graduate and 6,898 undergraduate students.
5.     University of Oklahoma: It is founded in 1890 at Norman, USA. It offers 160 master’s programs, 152 baccalaureate programs, 75 doctorate programs and 20 majors at the professional level.

Hope this ranking will help the students who are searching for the universities and colleges in USA. We will discuss about the Private sector institutions in our next posts.


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