Public Sector Colleges and Universities in USA

Study in USA is a beautiful and far-fetched experience for both local and international students. Here you will get great revelation to learn and live also. In USA, lot of Universities and Colleges are available for students in both private and public sector. Now let us discuss about the top 10 best Public sector Institutions in USA.

1.     University Of Virginia: This University has huge records in sports activities. It won 4 medals in 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing including 2 gold medals. In 2012 it was ranked as the 2nd best university by U.S. News & World Report ranks.

2.     CUNY- Hunter College: It was founded in 1870, and Hunter College is the largest college in the City University New York system. It offers more than 170 courses and populates 22,000 students.

3.     New College of Florida: It was established in 1960 and it is a coeducational public arts college in USA. It is situated in Sarasota in Florida. Population of this college is 845.

4.     Florida State University:  It was established in 1851 and located in Tallahassee, Florida. The following courses have well reputation in this college for the past 5 years: Chemistry, Statistics, Political Science, Psychology, Physics, Criminology, Information, Meteorology, Creative Writing, Sociology, Public Policy, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Business and Law.

5.     University of Colorado: It is located in Boulder with 29,952 enrolled students. It offers 150 academic programs and it consists of nine colleges and one school.

We will discuss about the remaining institutions in our next post. To know about Universities and colleges in USA visit


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