Baxter Institute Australia

Baxter Institute Australia was founded in 1971 which is situated in Melbourne. Initially it was started as a professional beauty salon and named as Sheilla Baxter Training Centre. Now it is tremendously improved to a well reputed and respected also government endorsed institution. They are experts in hair and beauty professional training. It is also CRICOS registered institute so there are huge number of international students are studying. Most of the overseas students are from India, Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, China, England and Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius and Vietnam.

The courses and degrees offered by Baxter are: Automotive, Hair, fabrication, beauty, Bakery, Business and English Language Learning courses with diploma and certificate degrees. All are government accredited. It also offers some short time courses in hair & beauty industry. The training method is satisfied for the students and offers dynamic teaching and learning process. It also offers some special courses for the students who discontinued their studies.  If you want to study in Australia about Professional beauty and Hair style courses then Baxter institute is the best choice.





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