University of New England Australia

university of new england

University of New England (UNE) comprise well reputation in all the courses because of the powerful teaching faculty. It encompasses expertise research staffs with great teaching skill. It is the oldest provincial university in Australia. It encourages staff-student interaction and also distance- learning. Totally 15,000 students are studying in the university through distance-learning. The off-campus students are propped up by video conference or modern online communication.

In 2005, University of New England Australia had achieved its five star rating and recognition by the Good Universities Guide. It also has the record of maintained this ranking and ranking for five years (2000 – 2005). It also provides courses for the school leavers and Scholarships for all kind of students.

Now take a look at the degree and courses: There are totally 227 courses are offered by this university with Undergraduate, Postgraduate, higher degree research and postgraduate coursework. The courses offered includes economics, teaching, law, rural science, commerce, nursing, agricultural, psychology, communication studies and environmental studies.

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