Linkoping University Sweden

linkoping university

Linkoping University Sweden offers more than 20 degree courses and 140 study programmes. Maximum numbers of degree courses are qualified professional degrees. Some of the courses are: medicine and engineering, industrial management and engineering, law, mechanics, integrated economics etc.

There are totally 600 single subject courses are offered by them. It achieved its university status in the year 1975. Among the universities in Sweden, Linkoping is the largest and best at postgraduate studies. There are totally 18,910 students, 3,469 employees, 1,288 research students and 336 full professors.

It consists of 14 individual departments to tackle the interdisciplinary courses like medicine, business, economics etc. It has faculties for Educational and Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Health Science and Institute of Technology. The business globe and the community of the Linkopking are great both for research and education.

Linkoping is the first university in Sweden which initiate interdisciplinary studies for thematic research in Arts and Science. It focused mainly on the following missions: PhD training, research and Education.

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