Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Indonesia

Limkokwing university Indonesia

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Indonesia is the largest and comprehensive University. This university heartens several cultures and arts. The students in this university are from 150 countries with different traditions. Totally it has 12 Campuses among Asia, Europe and Africa. You can attain a unique and flexible education over here and obtain a very good career opportunity also.

Among the 12 campuses Jakarta campus is the most outstanding and exciting campus to enjoy your education and career too. It provides world class education and has quality faculty. It is the leading creativity university in the world. The fee is so affordable and it also offers scholarships to international students.

It proffers several internship programs and industry related training to improve the skills of the students. If you successfully completed your 1st year studies then you are sanctioned to carry on your Study in Malaysia or other campuses of Limkokwing.

The Jakarta campus is situated in the interior city area of northern Jakarta called Kelapa Gading. Students can enjoy their holidays in the campus itself because it has seven shopping malls and other entertainment resources around the campus.

Find out more details about Limkokwing University Indonesia at


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