University of Copenhagen in Denmark

university of copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen in Denmark offers more than 200 study programmes in law, humanities, health, medical sciences, theology, science and social sciences. It has more than six faculties with 7,000 staffs. It consists of more than 37,000 students from all over the world. Totally it has four campuses with in Denmark and has more than 100 laboratories, departments, museums, institutes and centres.

It is the largest educational institution among all the universities in Denmark. The Laboratories, auditoriums are extremely hi-fi and managed with advanced technology. The teaching activities and other practical activities will take place in different atmosphere like Botanical Gardens, Plants World etc.

It also offers wide range of jobs opportunities in both private and public sectors. It also provides skill developing courses and classes for the students to improve their creative skills. This will also help the students to improve their qualification and also to improve their scientific and theoretical skills.

This university possess huge variety of degree courses in various subjects. It offers three years of undergraduate degree, two years of Master’s degree and another three years of Postgraduate works to PhD degree.

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