The Chinese University of Hong Kong

chinese university of hong kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong offers more than 31 degree courses. It was established in 1963. The population of the university is more than 20,000 including undergraduate and postgraduate students. And 7,000 students from this population were from other countries. Totally it consists of eight faculties and offers huge range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and subjects. It motivates multiculturalism, bilingualism and also aims to combines the tradition of the china and the west mutually.

The total area of the university is 13.3 acres and it is the biggest as well as greenest University in Hong Kong.  The college system of the university is unique and it encourages student – teacher and also alumnus interactions. It recently adds five new colleges to its educational system. They are Wu Yee Sun College, Morningside College, C.W. Chu College, Lee Woo sing College and S.H. Ho College.

Apart from internship programs and study programs it also encourages and boosts the extracurricular skills of the students. It facilitates swimming pools, world-class libraries, sports fields, music halls, art-museums, tennis courts, gymnasium, squash courts and water sport centre.

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