University of Otago New Zealand

university of otago

University of Otago New Zealand was established in 1869. It is the largest and the oldest university in New Zealand. More than 17,000 students were studying in this university. This University provide facilities to study and entertain also. Students can study and enjoy their time in the university itself. It is located in Dunedin in New Zealand. It offers wide range of internship programs as well as social and cultural activities. They also encourage sport activities at high level.

The university provides safe and uncrowded environment to students. They support some recreation programs that apt for ever one. Some of the programs are: dance, crafts, social sports, gliding, windsurfing and debating. The university is well rated for its outstanding “campus lifestyle”.

It persuades union social life in the campus. The social hub union also provides restaurant, food courts, bar, gift shops for students to spend their leisure in the study break. The region’s of this university covers the stunning picturesque and open-air attractions.

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