Craven College UK

craven college uk

Craven College in UK was established in 1894. It was started as a school to provide erudition opportunities for adults. It is the first Arts school in Skipton. In the beginning they offered subjects like grammar, arithmetic, Latin and writing. Now it reached its 8th rank in the top best EF colleges in UK. It is the original mechanics institute and offers bachelor’s degree as well as higher education courses.

They mainly focus the following courses: equine science and husbandry, garden design, animal welfare and management, jewellery and fashion, photography, media, theatrical and media make up, business, hospitality management, aviation management and operations, computing and networks etc.

This college also offers courses for school-leavers. It encourages training and learning opportunities for students about business. It was rewarded as a good college with outstanding feature by the Ofsted Inspection Report. It was also rewarded by the skill funding agency in the year 2008-2009. During this year it was ranked in the top 10 colleges in UK.

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