Dublin Business School Ireland


Dublin business School in Ireland was established in 1975 and offers more than 60 courses. It is the third largest private university in Ireland. It offers Full-Time and Part-Time Postgraduate, undergraduate degree, Diploma, Evening Degree, Evening diploma, Executive Education Programs and Professional Accountancy. The population of the university is more than 9,500 from all over the world. It was first started as an evening school for the students preparing for professional accounting exams. Then it was swiftly becomes a university with excellent teaching quality and perfect standard. The tremendous improvement of the school was its reputation and the training they given to the students to achieve their success in the professional examinations.

In 1980 they start the university with the following courses: Full-time and part-time banking courses, marketing and Accounts.  The students have finished the courses with high level pass rates and the university has received many prizes and world status awards. In 1991 Bachelor’s degree in Business studies was included to the courses. It was offered by the Liverpool polytechnic under the Franchise arrangement. In 2011, the courses included by the Dublin school were Business Management, Law, Accounting, Finance Marketing, Information Technology, Journalism, Event Management, Media, Arts, social Science and Psychology.

For more information about Dublin Business school in Ireland visit: http://www.easyuni.com


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