Swinburne University Of Technology Australia

Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) is located in Australia which was founded by the Honourable George Swinburne in the year of 1908. This is a Public university which is aimed to provide high quality teaching, internship and global research programs to the students with dedicated industries. It is located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Compared to other Universities and Colleges in Australia, SUT has nearly 7500 international students from 100 countries. In higher education there are 18,000 students were enrolled and 12,000 students are joined in Technical and Further Education (TAFE). The university status was achieved in the year of 1992.

The Accommodation facility offered by SUT for the international students has four options.

  1. Students were offered to stay inside the campus.
  2. If they don’t like to stay inside the campus means, SUT offers them to stay in an Apartment or Home with other students.
  3.  Home Stay
  4. SUT offers one week of temporary accommodation in Melbourne.

SUT has some group of dedicated officers for the student accommodation. They will guide the students to choose the correct accommodation option. The inside campus stay provided by SUT were normally at the Hawthorn Campus, Swinburne Student Apartments, Swinburne Place Apartments and Swinburne residential college buildings.

We will discuss about the Academic performance and the Features of Swinburne University of Technology Australia in our next post.


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