Raffles University Iskandar in Malaysia

Raffles University Iskandar is located in Malaysia which was started in the year of 2012. It is a private university owned by Raffles Education Corporation Limited (RECL). When we focus on Study in Malaysia, this RECL is the largest and powerful educational group all over the Asia-Pacific. It also developed 33 colleges in 13 Asia- Pacific countries like China, Australia, India, Bangladesh etc. The Raffles University provides a huge range and reputation of job opportunities for all the students. They also develop the potential of the students to become an excellent professional with successful career. It is well recognized and well organized university which provides comprehensive study programs to the required industries.

The courses offered by the RUI are: Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Social sciences, Business, Psychology and Education and then University Bachelor Degree in Design. All the Courses and the Study Programs are fully certified by the Malaysian Government.

Why Choose RUI:

  1. The Lecturers are recruited from USA, Denmark, UK, Malaysia, Australia and all other countries with high quality teaching skills.
  2. RUI has an individual office to guide and support the international students.
  3. The fees are affordable and they also offer special scholarships to the merit students.
  4. Study Programmes are mainly focused on three subjects: Business, Design and Social Science with job opportunities.
  5. The Laboratory is fully equipped and the campus is designed with State-Of-Art Classes.

For more details about Raffles University Iskandar Malaysia visit: http://www.easyuni.com


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